Pembroke Welsh Corgi [Request]

Coooooorgi. It’s a cooooorgi. And I should really be writing a proper description but it’s late and I’m definitely going to change it in the morning but right now it’s A CORGI.

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This is a little gothic revival cottage I built over two years ago. I dusted it off recently, plopped it into Dutchysims’ New Moonlight Falls, and am working on sprucing it up a bit (while maintaining its shabbiness) and replacing objects it has lost. Revisiting this lot is what made me want to build the Little Gothic Church, so they’re quite similar.

I haven’t given up on Whimsett Cove…I’m just taking a little break from it. It’s nice to do something besides New England Coastal for a bit, and I get to play with all the Midnight Hollow goodies.

I’m queuing a few more pics, so…prepare for spamination!

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Lily in university! :)

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It’s snowing!!


It’s snowing!!

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